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PT. OS SELNAJAYA INDONESIAは、総合人材サービスを展開する株式会社アウトソーシング(本社・東京)の海外グループ会社として、28年以上に渡り、インドネシアで日系企業のサポートをして参りました。その経験により蓄積してきたインドネシアのローカルノウハウ・ネットワークを元に日系企業がインドネシアで直面するあらゆる問題や煩雑な手続き・業務の効率化を解決すべく人事・法務・教育の面を中心に幅広いサービスをご提供しております。


インドネシアの事情に精通した経験豊富なOS SELNAJAYAがお客様のあらゆるニーズに応えるサービスをワンストップでご提供いたします。


The objective of the role;

To manage all operations in strategy and implementation which related to Clinical Instructure, Career, Competencies, Nursery in order to enhance quality of human resource and nursery services.


Role and Responsibilities;

•    To understand and implement policies, guidance and procedure which related to the nursery and business process compliance to ensure effective nursery operation and compatibility with regulation and law

•   To manage organization readiness to ensure nursery operation services.

•    To coordinate, nurture, oversee and evaluate the function of Clinical Instructure, Career & Competency as well as Nursing Care and quality management.

•    To set up work planning and budgeting related to the Clinical Instructure, Training dan quality development of nursey service.

•   To create budget planning in Nursery Division

•    To set up Nursing talent management process dan evaluate career development and career path for each Nursing talent to fulfil strategy needs and company’s business goal.

•   To manage People Readiness to support nursing services.

•    To establish work strategy and planning and to monitor employee performance which related to nursing quality for long term and short term of company’s strategy and hospital’s strategy.

•   To manage people readiness to support nursing services

•   To manage training and development of nurses to support Hospital’s operations t.

•   To perform line manager tasks in nursing division and regularly have meeting with the team.

•   To submit weekly, monthly, trimester, annual Nursing Management to Hospital Director

•   To attend trainings which needed

•   To monitor and evaluate HSSE, especially related to HSSE Risk Management, HSSE Culture and HSSE

tools/facilities and support HSSE Audit implementation.

•   To execute other tasks which assigned by the company

•   To participate actively in implementation of;

-     The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015

-     ISO 37001 :2016

-     Hospital’s accreditation

-     Ethical concept, Value, Moral and Nursing Code of Conduct.

-      PPNI (Indonesia Nursing Diagnosis Standard) (Sdki) and Indonesia Nursing Intervention Standard) (Siki))

-     Sustainability Pertamina Expectations for HSSE Management Excellence (SUPREME)

-     Pertamina Environment Regulation

-     Compliance Assurance (PERCA)


■salary:Payment is Rupiah

■Housing allowance:Negotiable

■Others:Working VISA, and others : Negotiable


Work location:Bali

給与 応相談
キャリアレベル 社員
雇用形態 契約


必要勤務経験年数 2年以上5年未満
学歴 4年制大学

■Educational background:Master Degree of Nursing, strongly preferred and licensure as Registered Nurse (RN) or similar

■Language:English:Fluent English communication

■skill:Have good interpersonal and communication skill. Collaborative and team player. Services oriented.

■experience:Have a certificate of competence or work experience as in Nurisng Director for at least 5 years. Have experience in managing nursing in international hospital.

**OPEN for any ASIA nationality(excluding Indonesia)

応募方法 オンラインで応募, 添付ファイルで応募する, 直接応募

① Apply using the dedicated form
②Interview with a career advisor via Skype, etc.
③ After applying to a company, document screening and coordination of first to final interviews
④ After receiving a job offer and obtaining a working VISA (1.5 months or more), you will join the company.
*We will consider interview methods and schedules such as Skype interviews, so please feel free to contact us.

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